Franz Richard Unterberger was born in Innsbruck, in what was then the Austro-Hungarian Empire, on August 15, 1838. He attended the Munich Academy of Fine Arts in 1853 at the age of sixteen, where he was a student of Clemens von Zimmermann and Julius Lange. From 1860 Unterberger attended the Academy in Dusseldorf to study with Oswald Achenbach and in 1864 he moved to Brussels as an independent painter.

From Brussels, he visited southern France, and towards the end of the sixties, southern Italy, where he was captivated by its landscape. This soon became the center for his artistic creation, the radiant beachfront landscapes of the Adriatic, and Venice, with its magnificent structures, picturesque corners and the bustle of its people. Unterberger’s bright palette and his ability to capture light found a ready market among the burgeoning middle classes for his scenic Italian paintings featuring intimate views and large vistas of Italy’s iconic cities. At the Vienna World Exhibition in 1873, he exhibited the painting The Bay of Naples.

Franz Richard Unterberger was a Romantic style painter of architectures, water scenes, and landscapes. In the mid-1880’s, Unterberger exhibited in Venezuela and in London at the International Universal Exhibition. He was an artist with a huge international following. In the 1890’s, the majority of his works of art revolved around Venetian and South Italian scenes.

His works can be found in museums in Amalfi; Louviers; Troyes; Venice and Melbourne.

This important example of his work is presented in excellent condition and is signed by the artist.

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1838 – 1902

Title:   “Venezia”

Date:   c. 1880

Framed Size:   Height 41 inches       Width   36 inches

Canvas Size: Height 32.5 inches      Width 27.75 inches