LAURENCE A. CAMPBELL ~ Midtown Manhattan, American Cityscape

This accomplished artist was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1939.  Campbell grew up a few blocks away from the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  He was known to visit there frequently throughout his youth and was inspired by the Impressionists.  In college Campbell studied architecture at Temple University which was to be enormously influential in his depictions of New York and Philadelphia architecture.  From there, Campbell started to paint commissions and eventually established his own gallery in 1970, “Gallery 35”, in Westmont, New Jersey.  With the onset of age his paintings have become extremely desirable and collectable.

Campbell is especially noted for his snow-covered street scenes and skyscrapers of New York in the Impressionist style.  Campbell contemplates life in big cities through the use of heavy impasto, using light and color as a nod to the Impressionists who came before him.  His paintings of New York City and his native Philadelphia reflect his pride in America and his admiration for the great architecture that defines the American cityscape.

This present composition is a quintessential example of Campbell’s mastery of painting the skyscraper city, New York.  Campbell depicts a view from the 1920’s of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral on Fifth Avenue with the Empire State building in the distance.  One is aware of the hustle and bustle of midtown Manhattan with flags flying during a wintery snowstorm.  Campbell, in his characteristic style, exemplifies the high rises casting shadows down through the city streets and the contrasting deep hues on the buildings, epitomizing the best of his work.

This painting is presented in excellent condition and is signed by the artist.




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Title:  “Midtown Manhattan, American Cityscape”

Size:  Height   48 inches        Width   36 inches (canvas)

Size:  Height   62 ¼  inches    Width   51 inches (framed)