HENRY SCOTT ~ Great American Clipper Ship on the High Seas

A noted English artist who specialized in marine subjects, Henry Scott worked in both oil and watercolour, but it is for his oils of sailing ships under full sail on blue seas that he is best known.  He exhibited between 1950 and 1956 at the Royal Society of Marine Artists with titles including, “The Lighthouse, Portishead, Somerset”, “Sea Area Viking”, and “Sea Area Dogger”, etc.  Because Scott was acquainted with many sailing captains and earned their respect, he was made an honorary member of the International Association of Master Marine Mariners-a group often referred to as “the Cape Horners.”

A study of his paintings clearly shows that he had a profound understanding of the sea and sailing vessels and could convey the atmosphere of the sea beautifully.  Scott is best remembered for his depiction of historical sea subjects and portraits of deep water sailing ships, usually in a stiff breeze and a high sea.   His work is very detailed and accurate with a strong sense of movement and painted in a similar style to his noted contemporary, Montague Dawson.

This wonderful example of Henry Scott’s work depicting the great American clipper ship Golden Fleece on the high seas is presented in excellent condition and is signed by the artist.

Provenance:  With Frost & Reed, London, label verso



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1911 – 2005

Title:   “Great American Clipper Ship on the High Seas

Framed Size:    Height 26 inches        Width 36 inches