This important Italian Impressionist painter was born in Ortelle on the 9th March 1863 and died in Naples on 20th October 1945.  He received his formal art training with Paul Emilio Stasi in Spognano, moving to Naples to study with Filippo Palizzi, Domenico Morelli, Stanislao Lista and Gioacchino Toma at the Institute of Fine Arts.  Having completed his studies, he traveled widely in Europe, exhibiting in Paris in 1900 and in Munich.   He received numerous awards and medals including an award at the Academy in 1889 and a bronze medal at the Exposition Universelle in Paris in 1900.

In 1882, he met Antonio Mancini, one of the great Masters of modern Italian Impressionist painting who also studied under Domenico Morrelli at the Institute of Fine Arts in Naples and who was to influence his work for many years.   Painting in watercolour, pastel and oil, Casciaro was acknowledged as one of the important exponents of modern Italian painting.  His work is bold, daring and robust in palette with striking impasto technique.  His paintings are both realistic and visionary.

This superb example of his work was exhibited at the Esposizione di pittura italiana     del ‘800, n. 78, in Chicago in 1934 and verso is the original exhibition label.  It is presented in pristine condition in its original period frame and is signed, inscribed verso and dated by the artist.





1863 – 1945

Title:   “Costa, Italia”

Date:   1926

Framed Size:   Height  28 ½ inches    Width  34 ½ inches