EDMUND EAGLES ~ Give me one

This important British artist grew up at Hanenfield Lodge, Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire, and lived in London from 1866 to 1869. His works include “The Little Prisoner”, “Come in my Child”, “The way to make a Pancake” and “The Hobby Horse”. Eighteen of his paintings were exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts, including “The Brothers Preparing Their Morning Lessons Overnight”, “The Thread of Life”, “The Restless Child”, “Caught Again”, “Why Won’t You Play?”, “The Puzzle”, “Mischievous”, etc.  He also exhibited at the Royal Society of British Artists, including this painting in 1875.

Best known for his beautiful, vivid delineation of Victorian children, Eagle’s oil paintings were like photographic images. With each brush stroke, this painter captured every beautiful detail of the human face.  A fine depiction of fabrics and drapes with the use of light was also an important element of his paintings.  Eagles specialized in paintings of children in rural settings, as this was one of the few subjects which was acceptable in England during the Victorian era.

This superb example of his work was exhibited at the Royal Society of British Artists in 1875.  It is presented in excellent condition in an original period frame and is signed and dated by the artist.




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Fl. 1851 -1877

Title:   “Give me one”

Date:   1874

Size:    Height 34 ½  inches    Width  26 ½  inches    (framed)