EUGENE GALIEN-LALOUE ~ Vue de la Place Republique

Considered one of the finest and most distinguished French painters, Eugene Galien-Laloue excelled in painting serene and beautiful landscapes, and was equally well known for his Parisian street scenes. He was born in Paris in 1854 and studied with his father Charles Laloue who was a landscape artist. Galien-Laloue was trained as an architect but found no joy in this profession and so embarked on his artistic career. He trained as an engraver and achieved a considerable reputation as a graphic artist. Exhibition records show that he exhibited at the Paris Salon from 1877 usually with views of Normandy, the Seine and Parisian street scenes. He travelled extensively in Normandy, Seine et Marne, Marseille, Italy and Venice. Galien-Laloue had a reputation for evoking the atmosphere of Paris in the late 1890’s with figures bustling on the boulevards and his hackney cabs of The Belle Époque. He often represents the most picturesque places of Paris: the big Boulevards, the flower markets of Madeleine or Conciergerie, and the banks of the Seine. His views of Paris have a serene and jewel-like quality about them and his style although free in technique is completely assured. His appreciation of light and tonal value along with his ability to portray the atmosphere of the boulevards of Paris so beautifully has rendered his work a place among the finest collections. Numerous painters, French painters and Foreigners, illustrated with happiness this society of “The Belle Époque” – Among the most famous: Auguste Renoir and “The Ball of the Mill of the Pancake” Claude Monet and “Train Station St-Lazare” – Edouard Manet “The Music in the Tuileries” – Henri de Toulouse Lautrec “In the Moulin Rouge”.

Examples of his work may be seen in various museums, including the Louvre, Mulhouse and La Rochelle.

This superb example of his work is presented in pristine condition and is signed by the artist.

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Title: “Vue de la Place Republique”

Date: Circa 1890

Framed Size: Height 17 inches Width 21 inches