ADOLPHE CLARY-BAROUX ~ La Seine-Pont D’Austerlitz, Quai Henri IV 15 mai 1922

An accomplished French artist who is best remembered for his wonderful views of the River Seine and coastal views of the South of France, spanning the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He was born in Paris where he received his formal art training. His career was divided between painting and decorative and graphic design. His early paintings included many views of Paris, intimately observed.  He was a great admirer of Alfred Sisley and Camille Pissarro, these two important artists having the greatest influence on his work.  He exhibited with the Independants from 1902, Salon de la Nationale and Salon dÁutomne.  He was also invited to exhibit his paintings at the Societe des Beaux-Arts, Tuilieres in 1927, 1929 and 1930.

Clary-Baroux was essentially the visual poet. His paintings of Paris, particularly the views of the River Seine, are highly harmonious in colour and convey all the true essential spirit of Impressionism.  While a good deal is left to the imagination, the colour of the transient elements in the scene is preserved intact.  As so often in Impressionist landscapes and townscapes, the structure of the quayside itself strengthens the composition.  His lively and varied touches of the brush as it picks out highlights follows the track of cast shadows on the quayside.  This painting is presented in excellent condition in its original frame and is signed by the artist.





1865 – 1933

Title:   “La Seine-Pont D’Austerlitz, Quai Henri IV 15 mai 1922”

Date:   1922

Size:    Height  27 ½ inches    Width: 32 inches